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English-Hindi > gallic tribe

gallic tribe meaning in Hindi

gallic tribe sentence in Hindi

गैलिक जनजाति
gallic    फ़्रान्सीसी
tribe    जन जनजाति जाति
1.He even split his army in two while fighting Gallic tribes.

2.Under their leader Gallic tribes in cooperating with the Romans.

3.One is of the Bodionti, probably a Gallic tribe.

4.In this way, the Gallic tribes demonstrated their allegiance to Rome.

5.The Senones were one of the Gallic tribes which lived in northern Italy.

6.The Romans respected and feared the Gallic tribes.

7.In the following centuries it was inhabited by different peoples among whom the Gallic tribes.

8.In ancient times, Averoigne was settled by the fictional Gallic tribe called the Averones.

9.Vercingetorix sent the cavalry around Gaul to call the Gallic tribes to war and come to Alesia.

10.These Gallic tribes were defeated near the town of Vindalium, the current French town of B�darrides.

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