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English-Hindi > gallican

gallican meaning in Hindi

gallican sentence in Hindi
1.It is unrelated to the first-millennium Catholic Gallican rite.

2.All known manuscripts of the text spring from this Gallican recension.

3.Probably the decadence of the Gallican Divine Office was very gradual.

4.This is denied by others, in particular by Gallicans ."

5.It represents a pure Roman use with no Gallican elements.

6.By 700 the influence of the Roman sacramentary had modified Gallican usage.

7.Gallican Rite ) that is employed in the consecration of a church.

8.In France there were strong traces of the Gallican Rite.

9.The Post-Sanctus ( to use the Hispanico-Gallican term.

10.Mabillon ( De Liturgia Gallicana ) mentions a very old Gallican homiliarium.

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