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English-Hindi > gallic

gallic meaning in Hindi

gallic sentence in Hindi
1.And Snoopy is used to replace the Gallic cartoon hero Asterix.

2.A wine and walnut vinaigrette coats potatoes with a Gallic accent.

3.He offered a Gallic wave in the vicinity of his sinuses.

4.Gallic pride took more blows in the annual Five Nations tournament.

5.The Gallic Emperors are known primarily from the coins they minted.

6.Through avarice Perseus also lost a chance to hire Gallic mercenaries.

7.Salts and esters of gallic acid are termed " gallates ".

8.From then on he conquered the Gallic peoples one by one.

9.The council declared Vercingetorix, commander of the united Gallic armies.

10.Try : Rubicon, Caesar was returning from the Gallic Wars.

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