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gallic sentence in Hindi

"gallic" meaning in Hindigallic in a sentence
  • And Snoopy is used to replace the Gallic cartoon hero Asterix.
  • A wine and walnut vinaigrette coats potatoes with a Gallic accent.
  • He offered a Gallic wave in the vicinity of his sinuses.
  • Gallic pride took more blows in the annual Five Nations tournament.
  • The Gallic Emperors are known primarily from the coins they minted.
  • Through avarice Perseus also lost a chance to hire Gallic mercenaries.
  • Salts and esters of gallic acid are termed " gallates ".
  • From then on he conquered the Gallic peoples one by one.
  • The council declared Vercingetorix, commander of the united Gallic armies.
  • Try : Rubicon, Caesar was returning from the Gallic Wars.
  • Accentual and metrical clausulae were used by all the Gallic panegyrists.
  • Results are typically expressed as gallic acid equivalents ( GAE ).
  • He even split his army in two while fighting Gallic tribes.
  • Originally, of course, he was French Gallic neurotic.
  • There was Gallic logic here, and plenty of shrewd Cartesian calculation.
  • Its Gallic name notwithstanding, the ship is being built in Korea.
  • One reason for the Cartiers'unparalleled success was their Gallic assertiveness.
  • Arnault conceded with as much grace as Gallic pride allowed.
  • But its affectations are more galling than Gallic most of the time.
  • Nothing like a little Gallic news from home to rally a man.
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