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galliums sentence in Hindi

"galliums" meaning in Hindi  
  • The 1995 flight produced samples of gallium arsenide of unprecedented purity.
  • Today, digital cell phones are crammed with gallium arsenide technology.
  • Cheap and robust gallium arsenide will find a wide customer base.
  • Gallium ( III ) behaves in a similar manner to radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Gallium arsenide is used in a variety of optoelectronic infrared devices.
  • The first single-chip gallium arsenide radar module was developed.
  • This was stabilized at room temperature by alloying it with gallium.
  • The AlGaAs layer confines the electrons to a gallium arsenide region.
  • Gallium and its derivatives have only found applications in recent decades.
  • Gallium nitride ( GaN ) is also an option for MMICs.
  • Lau worked on gallium arsenide and gallium nitride devices and materials.
  • Lau worked on gallium arsenide and gallium nitride devices and materials.
  • The shortest wavelength lasers rely on gallium nitride-based materials.
  • Compounds of gallium ( II ) were unknown until quite recently.
  • Gallium and germanium are also recovered some from other sulfide ores.
  • I like gallium because it's a great surprise.
  • Switching to gallium arsenide would mean replacing nearly all of this gear.
  • There was no word on who might buy the gallium from Russia.
  • LED development began with infrared and red devices made with gallium arsenide.
  • Vanadium-gallium tape is used in Nb 3 Ti.
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