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gallivants sentence in Hindi

"gallivants" meaning in Hindi  
  • A pesky fly interrupts, and off gallivants Bertha to capture it.
  • She should reveal her own claws and take a swipe at Safire, that garrulous gallivant of gasbaggery.
  • Russell Anderson didn't sleep outside so his son could gallivant around the country, some sort of savior for the poor.
  • Qian Yiduo often leaves any dirty job to his indignant younger brother Qian Erduo ( Romeo Tan ) while he goes off to gallivant.
  • If you don't mind your satire sanitized, you will be amused by the polished Steps, who gallivant with glee club gusto.
  • Its deejays make six-figure salaries and gallivant on lucrative world tours, bringing London clubbing to those who can't visit in person.
  • Some of the film's most touching scenes follow the couple as they gallivant around Europe with a giddy determination to make every moment of their time together count.
  • "Men in Black " is a silly but amusing romp that's a bit more up-scale than a " Naked Gun " gallivant.
  • It merely curdled into a cynical new genre in which the alienated progeny of Bonnie and Clyde gallivant through the American heartland wreaking death and destruction until they are mowed down in geysers of gore.
  • As its starry-eyed sailors gallivant through the city in search of Miss Turnstiles, New York bursts around them like fireworks, effusing the glamor of the world's most fabulous amusement park.
  • Unlike Nora, she has not bolted from her small Canadian town for New York City, not landed a marquee role on a popular radio serial, and not chosen to gallivant with A-list writers and actors.
  • F . Murray Abraham, Betty Buckley and Susan Egan ( " Beauty and the Beast " ) gallivant on Heidi Landesman's sumptuous sets in a musical based on Marivaux's 18th-century romantic comedy.
  • As long as the American Football Conference playoffs go on for them, the Oakland Raiders do not have to take another cross-country flight to some miserable-weather outpost where rowdies gallivant through the aisles, hollering obscenities.
  • That resistance may involve extreme growing pains, as in " The Scar, " or it may simply be the cheery indifference to class and upward mobility that are found again and again in " Gallivant ."
  • The growing closeness between these two and the sense of impending mortality give the film its emotional underpinning . " Gallivant " was premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival, where it won the Channel 4 Best New Director prize.
  • Nudism, especially on beaches, has long been commonplace in Europe, where whole families gallivant in the buff, says Nancy Tiemann, owner of Bare Necessities, an Austin, Texas, travel agency that specializes in upscale nude cruises.
  • Shaw dares to show Richard having fun as king : he gallivants off to war, crying in a mock accent, " We will make for Oireland presently, " and adding a few " oink-oinks " to indicate how he feels about the Irish upstarts.
  • Rather, this is the tale of Patrick ( Pussy ) Braden, an effusively cheerful transvestite who gallivants from his Irish border village of Tyreelin to swinging-70's London, in search of his " Sergeant Rock or Captain Yum Yum Be-My-Girl-For-Ever !"
  • Finally there is Andrew Kotting's " Gallivant, " a documentary film diary that follows the director's 85-year-old grandmother and his 7-year-old daughter ( who suffers from a brain disorder and can only communicate through sign language ) on a three-month trip around the British coastline.
  • While Blair gallivants around the world, Britain's National Health Service has been under fire for long waiting times for treatment; the country's rail service is deteriorating badly; and recently one of his own cabinet members warned on national TV that she might resign from the government if it supports a " blind military attack " on Iraq . ( Melvin, Cox News Service ) MOVED.
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