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English-Hindi > gallivant

gallivant meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ ˌgæli'vænt ]  sound:  
gallivant sentence in Hindi
1.A pesky fly interrupts, and off gallivants Bertha to capture it.

2.She should reveal her own claws and take a swipe at Safire, that garrulous gallivant of gasbaggery.

3.Russell Anderson didn't sleep outside so his son could gallivant around the country, some sort of savior for the poor.

4.Qian Yiduo often leaves any dirty job to his indignant younger brother Qian Erduo ( Romeo Tan ) while he goes off to gallivant.

5.If you don't mind your satire sanitized, you will be amused by the polished Steps, who gallivant with glee club gusto.

6.Its deejays make six-figure salaries and gallivant on lucrative world tours, bringing London clubbing to those who can't visit in person.

7.Some of the film's most touching scenes follow the couple as they gallivant around Europe with a giddy determination to make every moment of their time together count.

8."Men in Black " is a silly but amusing romp that's a bit more up-scale than a " Naked Gun " gallivant.

9.It merely curdled into a cynical new genre in which the alienated progeny of Bonnie and Clyde gallivant through the American heartland wreaking death and destruction until they are mowed down in geysers of gore.

10.As its starry-eyed sailors gallivant through the city in search of Miss Turnstiles, New York bursts around them like fireworks, effusing the glamor of the world's most fabulous amusement park.

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wander aimlessly in search of pleasure
Synonyms: gad, jazz around,

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