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English-Hindi > gallivanted

gallivanted meaning in Hindi

gallivanted sentence in Hindi
1.As we gallivanted about, people would point and whisper, " There they go.

2.Giuliani won his second four-year term in the mayoral race last year, but he gallivanted all over the country, campaigning for several Republican candidates, D'Amato included.

3.In inimitable Bloolips fashion, the show is a merry return to the music hall, albeit a daintier music hall than the one in which Archie Rice gallivanted in " The Entertainer ."

4.John Wilkes Booth spent some time in Montr�al prior to assassinating President Lincoln, and in one case was said to have drunkenly gallivanted throughout the city telling anyone who would listen of his plan to kill Lincoln.

5.As we all know, creation did not plunge into a nuclear holocaust, but the Webbers did not have the benefit of C-SPAN . So young Adam ( played, early on, by a triumvirate of child actors ) gallivanted about the spacious confines of his subterranean burrow, boxing with dad, dancing with mom, learning French and Latin and perfect table manners, until lo and behold, sometime after his first few decades, he grew up into Brendan Fraser.

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