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English-Hindi > gaolbird

gaolbird meaning in Hindi

gaolbird sentence in Hindi
1.If as you maintain the subject is, criminal / thugs / gaolbirds and they are identified as Afro-Carribean or Irish, they are being held out for ridicule by race, otherwise why mention their race, especially when it's a sourceless opinion that " those " people are the problem .-- talk ) 11 : 38, 16 April 2013 ( UTC)

2.He described himself as " a peasant up from the country " . . . . In old age he has, with great simplicity, taken up the cause of small people ruined by secret files . . . . Peter Hain and Clive Ponting ( were ) referred to affectionately by the chairman, Tony Wilson, as " You two gaolbirds " . . . . It was suggested that only half a dozen MI5 men were watching " After Dark " . " On double time, " said ( Colin ) Wallace and gave them a wave ."

a criminal who has been jailed repeatedly
Synonyms: jail bird, jailbird,

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