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English-Hindi > grandstand

grandstand meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: grandstanded   verb past participle: grandstanded   verb present participle: grandstanding   
grandstand sentence in Hindi
1.He's coming up to the grandstand, fellow Federationists.
साथियों, वो मुख्य मंच के तरफ आरहे है|

2.The solution lies in making the best of an imperfect deal , not in grandstanding .
हल समज्हैते को मुफीद बनाने में है , ह धर्मी में नहीं .

3.There's the grandstand now.
वहाँ मुख्य मंच है|

a stand at a racecourse or stadium consisting of tiers with rows of individual seats that are under a protective roof
Synonyms: covered stand,

the audience at a stadium or racetrack

perform ostentatiously in order to impress the audience and with an eye to the applause; "She never misses a chance to grandstand"

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