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English-Hindi > grandstands

grandstands meaning in Hindi

grandstands sentence in Hindi
1.It presents a grandstand forum in order to express political dissent.

2.Stadium seats 7, 500, grandstand court 3, 500.

3.Our place was right under the grandstand, a temporary barracks.

4.All grandstand seats are reserved for people who live in Siena.

5.Zito said, watching the television replay on a grandstand monitor.

6.I . Thou shalt not grandstand after hitting a home run.

7.Jorge was sitting up in the grandstand and he saw it.

8.The grandstands were still cluttered with fidgety kids and soccer moms.

9.NCMS has 45, 951 grandstand seats and 33 luxury boxes.

10.But Sunday, the grandstands did not seem 20 percent full.

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