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English-Hindi > grangers

grangers meaning in Hindi

grangers sentence in Hindi
1.Last year Granger averaged only 3.6 points per game.

2.Granger is the team's top 3-point threat.

3.Olympic team pitcher Michelle Granger consistently throws more than 70 mph.

4.Michele Granger, throwing her underhanded softball deliveries with blinding speed.

5.Granger didn't just say it with strikes, either.

6.Granger said her initial reaction was to look for a celebrity.

7.O'Day said after speaking with Granger by telephone yesterday.

8.Granger was the author of " Eminent Domain,"

9.Finally, Julian Bah trotted onto the court and relieved Granger.

10.For Maria Granger, the local commotion is worth the price.

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