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English-Hindi > guarded

guarded meaning in Hindi

guarded sentence in Hindi
• संरक्षित
• सतर्क
• महफ़ूज़
1.The long-range outlook for recovery is guarded but promising.

2.Soltner has always been guarded about his restaurant's finances.

3.Barry was reported in stable but guarded condition at Harlem Hospital.

4.It was a mismatch with Marques Johnson guarded by Rudy White,

5.A brass cross guarded a small altar and votive candles flickered.

6.Jurors'names and pictures have been zealously guarded by Ito.

7.In the meantime, her decision apparently will be closely guarded.

8.Jerry's highly-effective but closely guarded sexual technique.

9.Experts today were guarded in their support for the fat substitute.

10.Shurmur was a little guarded about his plans for this week.

prudent; "guarded optimism"
Synonyms: restrained,

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