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English-Hindi > guardhouse

guardhouse meaning in Hindi

noun plural: guardhouses   
guardhouse sentence in Hindi
• चौकी
• रक्षक गृह
1.Only the locked gate and guardhouse bespeak anything more uncommon inside.

2.He notifies the guardhouse of his actions as soon as possible.

3.Bullets from the shooting struck the guardhouse on the temple grounds.

4.This includes amongst others the mess, the guardhouse and barracks.

5.The airfield, guardhouse and control tower are all registered monuments.

6.A few yards away, a hearse pulled in past the guardhouse.

7.You need security clearance just to get past his guardhouse.

8.The house was protected by a guardhouse, security cameras and floodlights.

9.At a guardhouse, people are screened before a gate is opened.

10.Demonstrators burned a police van and motorcycle and ransacked a police guardhouse.

a military facility that serves as the headquarters for military police and in which military prisoners can be detained

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