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English-Hindi > gutless

gutless meaning in Hindi

gutless sentence in Hindi
1."Everyone's gutless on that team,"

2.That we've become gutless, not heartless ."

3.Heartless, gutless, chokers _ probably all of it applies.

4.This is a gutless, hypocritical approach to a protection request.

5.Most Hollywood directors are gutless, but he has guts.

6.There were more anonymous, gutless, quotes coming out of there.

7.This the worse than coming up gutless in every significant gut check.

8.Mike Henneman is not a gutless waste of male tissue.

9.Now Rogers is considered by the New York media to be gutless.

10.People need doctors, not self-serving gutless bureaucrats like you.

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lacking courage or vitality; "he was a yellow gutless worm"; "a spineless craven fellow"

weak in willpower, courage or vitality
Synonyms: namby-pamby, spineless, wishy-washy,

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