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English-Hindi > spineless

spineless meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'spainlis ]  sound:  
spineless sentence in Hindi
1.The . entire defence shows how weak and spineless Bahadur Shah had become at the time when he was brought to trial .
यह पूरा बचावनामा यही दिखाता है कि मुकदमा चलाए जाते वक्त बहादुरशाह कितने कायर और कमजोर हो चुके थे .

lacking spiny processes; "spineless fins"

lacking a backbone or spinal column; "worms are an example of invertebrate animals"
Synonyms: invertebrate,

lacking thorns
Synonyms: thornless,

weak in willpower, courage or vitality
Synonyms: namby-pamby, gutless, wishy-washy,

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