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English-Hindi > habenular commissure

habenular commissure meaning in Hindi

habenular commissure sentence in Hindi

पट्टिका संयोजिका
habenular    पट्टिका पट्टिका-
commissure    संयोजिका सन्धायनी
1.Fibers enter the trigonum habenul?from the stalk of the pineal gland, and the habenular commissure.

2.Fibers enter it from the stalk of the pineal gland, and others, forming what is termed the habenular commissure, pass across the middle line to the corresponding ganglion of the opposite side.

3.The habenular commissure is part of the habenular trigone ( a small depressed triangular area situated in front of the superior colliculus and on the lateral aspect of the posterior part of the t�nia thalami ).

4.In the Eutherian brain the nerve fibre tracts across the medial longitudinal fissure, that form commissures between the two cerebral hemispheres, are the anterior commissure, posterior commissure, corpus callosum, hippocampal commissure ( commissure of fornix ), and habenular commissure.

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