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English-Hindi > habegger

habegger meaning in Hindi

habegger sentence in Hindi
1.Habegger, an Argentine, replaced Bolivian Carlos Aragones in July.

2.Habegger questions this and quotes others as doing the same.

3.The mayor, Rosmarie Habegger-Scheidegger, is in the SVP.

4._Larry Habegger, editor, Travelers'Tales Books

5.But, according to Habegger, such talk is premature at this point.

6.Habegger's painstaking research has changed that.

7.Habegger said about the May 18 special event.

8.That loss led to replacement of coach Jorge Habegger with former international goalkeeper Carlos Trucco.

9.Steury was born in Berne, Indiana in 1930 to David and Mary Habegger Steury.

10.Alfred Habegger's brilliant and absorbing biography explains how such a personality came to be.

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