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English-Hindi > habitus

habitus meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'hæbitəs ]  sound:  
noun plural: habitus   
habitus sentence in Hindi
1."Habitus is not fatal, " said Bourdieu.

2.At, the juvenile krill resembles the habitus of the adults.

3.She makes use of Umberto Eco's reading of habitus.

4.Habitus : Collective system of dispositions that individuals or groups have.

5.Assessment of posture and body habitus is the next step.

6.The relationship between habitus and field is two-way.

7.These are also plesiomorphic in " habitus " and habits.

8.Coxoplectoptera belong to the stem group of freshwater shrimp-like habitus.

9.Crudely put, the habitus is the system of dispositions which individuals have.

10.The son was known as Aulus Cluentius Habitus Minor.

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constitution of the human body
Synonyms: physique, build, body-build,

person''s predisposition to be affected by something (as a disease); "the consumptive habitus"

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