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had best sentence in Hindi

"had best" meaning in Hindi
  • He also had best bowling of 5 / 33 in an innings.
  • The 7-footer had best be ready for Fitch's boot camp in October.
  • When you're the other Reggie White, you had best have perspective.
  • Two whistles, and Ivan and his brother Jose had best be halfway there.
  • If Dole sincerely believes things were better back then, we had best beware.
  • Image specialists say those companies had best simply apologize to shareholders and employees.
  • And we had best be ready for it, " he said.
  • Owners of Power Macintosh computers had best plan on 16 megabytes of RAM.
  • Singh had best figures of three for 13 in nine overs.
  • Nor were there any surprises among other nonfiction works that had best-seller potential.
  • Mothers had best learn to value themselves, because Hollywood is not yet ready.
  • I was a girl, I had best friends, we did stupid things together.
  • He understands something his players had best understand quickly, too.
  • Cuban had best remember that as he currently rides high.
  • Indeed, as Billy Budd learned, a stutterer had best enkindle no enemies at all.
  • But it's something viewers had best get used to now.
  • He knew that a successful prophet had best be entertaining.
  • The government had best let the industry adjust to these conditions without undue interference.
  • When they look in the mirror this week, they had best look hard indeed.
  • But schools had best be wary of their corporate partners.
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