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hadendoa sentence in Hindi

"hadendoa" meaning in Hindi
  • Many of its inhabitants are from the Hadendoa group, with others being of Rashaida origin.
  • The Hadendoa were traditionally a pastoral people, ruled by a Hereditary Chief, called a Ma'ahes.
  • After the reconquest of the Egyptian Sudan ( 1896 98 ), the Hadendoa accepted the new order without demur.
  • In World War II, the Hadendoa allied themselves with the British against the Italians who were in turn supported by the Beni-Amer tribe.
  • It describes the respect of the ordinary British soldier for the bravery of the Hadendoa warriors who fought the British army in the Sudan, Egypt and Eritrea.
  • Their success emboldened the Hadendoa, who under the generalship of Osman Digna wiped out a smaller force of Egyptians under the command of Colonel Valentine Baker near the Red Sea port of Suakin.
  • Their success also emboldened Osman Digna, whose Hadendoa tribesmen, the so-called " fuzzy-wuzzies ", joined the rebellion from their lands on the Red Sea coast.
  • The British hoped that this defeat would deal a great blow to Osman Digna's prestige as well as weakening his forces, and that he would lose his hold over the Hadendoa.
  • The Mahdists had roughly 10, 000 men, most of them belonging to Osman Digna's Hadendoa tribe ( known to British soldiers as " Fuzzy Wuzzies " for their unique hair ).
  • Extensive anthropological research was done on Egyptian tribes in the late 1800s and a number of skulls of people of the Hadendoa tribe were taken to the Royal College of Surgeons to be measured and studied.
  • The "'Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels "'was the name given by British soldiers in the 19th century as a name for Hadendoa warriors on the Red Sea coast of the Sudan, and referred to their elaborate butter-matted hairstyles.

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