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had better sentence in Hindi

"had better" meaning in Hindi
  • I felt I threw some good pitches and had better control.
  • Sossamon had better get used to the rap on her door.
  • But Bettman and ownership had better tiptoe through this arena subject.
  • And anyone booked on a talk show had better dress accordingly.
  • They had better lower the rhetoric if they want this done,
  • I think he learned he had better get back up here.
  • The Magic had better not be misled by what they see.
  • The other members of the AFC East had better hope so.
  • But it had better be wrapped in a pretty tough hide.
  • Q : Who had better accessories _ the mobsters or Elizabeth?
  • You had better take a long hard look at your profession.
  • Pavarotti could not have had better support for his risky venture.
  • We thought we had better buy quick before they capped construction,
  • I think I had better luck with the Steve Palermo wisecrack.
  • He had better electronics going for him than Churchill ever did.
  • You face adversity and you had better be able to respond.
  • We had better be worried about the problems of these communities,
  • I guess he felt that he had better things to do.
  • And as good as he had better be a week later.
  • But it had better be a byproduct of the game itself.
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