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hadj sentence in Hindi

"hadj" meaning in Hindi
  • Hadj-Chikh did not say how that would be accomplished.
  • Danish media have identified the detainee as Slimane Hadj Abderrahmane.
  • El Hadj is trained by his brother Hamid El Hadj.
  • El Hadj is trained by his brother Hamid El Hadj.
  • Hadj Menouar conserved the old tradition of using tar to accompany himself.
  • Houidef El Hadj, for more than two hours.
  • Danish media have identified him as Slimane Hadj Abderrahmane.
  • The Danish government confirmed in February that Slimane Hadj Abderrahmane had been released.
  • In April 1945 the French had arrested the Algerian nationalist leader Messali Hadj.
  • The current chair of the OSIWA board is El Hadj Sy from Senegal.
  • El Hadj could not continue and the bout was ruled a no contest.
  • Sy El Hadj Malick muttered from the sideline.
  • In 1927, Messali Hadj participated in the creation of the League Against Imperialism.
  • :: " The medical college is affiliated with University El Hadj Ibrahima Niasse.
  • At Dakar, El Hadj Diouf scored three goals to lead Senegal over visiting Namibia.
  • On 9 August 2009, Hadj A�ssa signed with Saudi Arabian club Al-Ettifaq.
  • Ngolo Diarra died in a campaign against the Toucouleur conqueror El Hadj Umar Tall in 1861.
  • After the death of his father, he lived with his uncle, El Hadj Sorry.
  • Mage published the first detailed description of the Toucouleur Empire created by El Hadj Umar Tall.
  • The top players are El Hadj Diouf of France's Lens and Soulayamane Camara of Monaco.
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