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hadrosaurus sentence in Hindi

"hadrosaurus" meaning in Hindihadrosaurus in a sentence
  • There is one hitch : Hadrosaurus needs a new head.
  • Hadrosaurus was the dinosaur that brought dinosaurs up from all four legs,
  • Leidy called the creature " Hadrosaurus foulkii " after Foulke.
  • For more information about Hadrosaurus, go to www . hadrosaurus . com.
  • For more information about Hadrosaurus, go to www . hadrosaurus . com.
  • Unlike the fictional denizens of Jurassic Park, Hadrosaurus foulkii does not inspire terror.
  • Hadrosaurus actually started the first wave of dino-mania in the United States,
  • Scientists later found many fossil skulls and skeletons of dinosaurs closely related to Hadrosaurus.
  • Joseph Leidy would name it Hadrosaurus.
  • When it was first identified nearly 150 years ago, Hadrosaurus opened the door to modern paleontology.
  • "Hadrosaurus " was named the state fossil of New Jersey, designated in 1994.
  • Leidy named the new specimen Hadrosaurus foulkii, or " Foulke's bulky lizard ."
  • Hadrosaurus foulkii became an important part of the scientific evidence for evolution amid the debates raging in Europe,
  • Today, the actual fossil bones of Hadrosaurus are kept safe in the academy's specimen vault.
  • Paleontologists have discovered tracks or fossils from ankylosauria, ornithopods ( including a Hadrosaurus ), and theropods.
  • Hadrosaurus was probably 25 or 30 feet long and lived roughly 80 million years ago in the Cretaceous Period.
  • In 2003, a large bronze sculpture of Hadrosaurus foulkii by John Giannotti was set up in downtown Haddonfield.
  • Scientists'knowledge of Hadrosaurus has not changed much from Leidy's conclusions made more than a century ago.
  • Estimates have the " Hadrosaurus " exhibit as increasing the number of visitors by up to 50 %.
  • Even though Hadrosaurus was the most complete dinosaur known to science, there remained a problem : its skull was never found.
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