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English-Hindi > haemanthus

haemanthus meaning in Hindi

haemanthus sentence in Hindi
1.The genus " Haemanthus " was created in 1753 by Linnaeus.

2.Dinter is a South African bulbous geophyte in the genus " Haemanthus ".

3.These specimens were subsequently separated and a new name of " Haemanthus montanus " was created for them.

4.It was formally described by Anna Amelia Obermeyer in 1963, as " Haemanthus pole-evansii ".

5.Three subtribes are proposed and six genera including the type genus, " Haemanthus ", are included.

6."Scadoxus membranaceus " was first named by John Gilbert Baker in 1888 as " Haemanthus membranaceus ".

7.The leaves of " Haemanthus " species are thicker, opposite, without a distinct petiole, and never form a pseudostem.

8.The species was first described in 1971 by Ib Friis and Inger Bj�rnstad, being initially placed in the genus " Haemanthus ".

9."H . crispus " may be solitary or like many other " Haemanthus " species, gregarious and growing in clumps.

10.His type species, " Scadoxus multiflorus ", had been described as " Haemanthus multiflorus " by Thomas Martyn in 1795.

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