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English-Hindi > hakenkreuz

hakenkreuz meaning in Hindi

hakenkreuz sentence in Hindi
1.The Hakenkreuz is used by too many other groups to be a valid single choice.

2.The ban involves flags, anthems, uniforms, Nazi hakenkreuz and Soviet hammer and sickle.

3.On the AWB flag, the numbers are arranged in a triskelion shape, resembling the Nazi hakenkreuz.

4.It is possible to display certain non-Nazi swastikas even in areas where Nazi " hakenkreuz " swastikas are prohibited.

5.His first book publication in two volumes, " Alltag unterm Hakenkreuz " ( 1980 ), was criticised of being too uncritical.

6.A chapter in the book, " Schule unterm Hakenkreuz " ( " School Under the Swastika " ) is dedicated to her.

7.In 2006 historians Klaus-Michael Mallman and Martin C�ppers published " Halbmond und Hakenkreuz : Das dritte Reich, die Araber und Pal�stina ".

8.The flag with the " hakenkreuz " and white disc centered was used throughout ( 1920 45 ) as the NSDAP party flag ( ).

9.This was symbolised by the adoption as the party emblem of the swastika or " Hakenkreuz ", at the time widely used in the western world.

10.Lorenz Beckhardt found out when he was 18 and researched the story of his grandfather, resulting in the publication of the book " Der Jude mit dem Hakenkreuz.

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