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English-Hindi > hake

hake meaning in Hindi

noun plural: hakes   
hake sentence in Hindi
1.This works out to around half all hake eaten in Europe.

2.Surveys have recorded conger eels, sharks, groupers and hake.

3.Hakes blamed the low inventories on a variety of factors.

4.January will be a crucial month for oil refiners, Hakes said.

5.Jay Hakes, head of the department's Energy Information Administration.

6.EIA Administrator Jay Hakes said in today's report.

7.Hakes refers to it as the Census Bureau of energy.

8.There were last-minute hugs and a final hake.

9.French and Spanish fishermen will suffer most from the lower hake quotas.

10.Other dinnertime favorites such as hake and haddock are also at risk.

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any of several marine food fishes related to cod

the lean flesh of a fish similar to cod

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