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handbrake sentence in Hindi

"handbrake" meaning in Hindihandbrake in a sentence
  • :Both WinFF and HandBrake should be able to manage that.
  • Q : How do you execute a handbrake turn in a Robin?
  • Unusually, the handbrake or emergency brake operated on the front wheels.
  • Handbrake control was changed from lever to tee-shaped pull handle.
  • The handbrake was between the driver's seat and the door.
  • I used Handbrake, but the automatic framerate made the video choppy.
  • Both of those SDs retain a conventional ratchet type handbrake.
  • The transmission brake is provided solely as a parking brake or handbrake.
  • The handbrake was floor-mounted to the side of the seat.
  • The gearchange lever was floor-mounted with the handbrake between the seats.
  • The car was fitted with a handbrake in 1907.
  • A centrally located floor mounted handbrake operated on the rear axle using bowden cables.
  • Using HandBrake for DVD ripping on macOS requires that one compile and install libdvdcss.
  • The handbrake lever was just behind the gearstick.
  • And I've also moved the details of HandBrake to its own article.
  • On any kind of steep hill you'll want to use the handbrake!
  • Separate rear brakes are fitted for the handbrake.
  • I certainly find the handbrake the easiest / simplest method on particularly steep hills.
  • Cars from 2003 to 2006 were supplied with a centre ( tunnel ) handbrake.
  • The handbrake lever was awkwardly shaped and positioned.
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