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handclap sentence in Hindi

"handclap" meaning in Hindihandclap in a sentence
  • Phenomenal Handclap Band has been touring in 2011 with Bryan Ferry.
  • Jagger, Jones, and Wyman later overdubbed handclaps.
  • To these instruments are added chants and percussive handclaps.
  • It was written and produced by Timberlake, handclaps.
  • Guitar and drums tracks were recorded in the studio's " handclaps.
  • He is a former member of Phenomenal Handclap Band.
  • At the final buzzer, Odom gave a hard handclap and walked off the court.
  • A handclaps were added on 16 July.
  • Dirty guitars, dance club beats and disco handclaps are thrown into the music mix.
  • Timberlake's vocals are supported by handclaps, blips, beeps and animal sounds.
  • A handclap directly in front of the pyramid's main staircase produces a chirped echo.
  • The band lacked a drummer but would use household objects and handclaps to act as percussion.
  • The song's propelled by a strong bass line and contains live drums and handclaps.
  • Police and the wildlife officers followed behind, trying to turn it back with shouts and handclaps.
  • The demo was completed by Townshend overdubbing drums, bass, electric guitar, vocals and handclaps.
  • The handclap chorus and vocal / keyboard hooks of the recording were augmented by the suits ).
  • Luxury Wafers Exclusive : The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Live @ Chessvolt Studios with Video and mp3.
  • Ninth track " Clocks ", is built on percussive beats, syncopated handclaps and a piano riff.
  • Like " Rainbow ", it contains ambient-influenced sounds such as handclaps and cheering.
  • "' Phenomenal Handclap Band "'are a psychedelic soul band from New York City.
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