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English-Hindi > haymaking

haymaking meaning in Hindi

haymaking sentence in Hindi
1.This resulted in underdevelopment of fishing because labor was devoted to haymaking.

2.Haymaking songs evidence two distinct stages in their melodic development.

3.Later haymaking songs have a wider modal range and are structurally more complex.

4.Lots of floodplain meadows have traditionally used for haymaking.

5.In 1814 Salmon patented the first haymaking machine.

6.When they ve returned from haymaking there were only dying embers instead of their houses.

7.Refrains are common in haymaking songs.

8.The majority of the village was on haymaking and couldn t take part in fighting a fire.

9.The vocable is sung slowly and broadly, evoking the spacious fields and the mood of the haymaking season.

10.Haymaking was introduced along with the English plough and foreign grasses, the sowing of rye grass and clover.

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cutting grass and curing it to make hay

taking full advantage of an opportunity while it lasts

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