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English-Hindi > haymow

haymow meaning in Hindi

haymow sentence in Hindi
1.The haymow and the outside walls were dismantled and moved to the new site.

2.On the north side a set of permanent stairs lead to the upper haymow.

3.The roof construction required the building of a scaffold structure from the haymow floor up.

4.The dove-cotes, the coops, the porches, and the haymows were set on fire.

5.She ran away, hid in a barn, and broke her leg in a fall from the haymow.

6.A haymow encircles three-quarters of the barn at the roof's base, and a ventilator sits at the roof's peak.

7.Once concrete pillars were poured into the holes dug in the ground foundations of the 6 X 6 posts supporting the circular haymow at the site the dome shaped roof could be erected.

8.The barn is a good example of a fieldstone-built bank barn with a byre on the lower level and an earth ramp on the opposite side providing access to a haymow.

9.This barn seems to have been designed to host barn dances, as there was " a ladies toilet and smoking room on the first floor and a raised platform / stage in the haymow ."

10.The tower is described in a document of 1741 as " the old stone mill . " It was used as a haymow in 1760, while it was described in 1767 as being used as a powder store " some time past ".

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a loft in a barn where hay is stored
Synonyms: hayloft, mow,

a mass of hay piled up in a barn for preservation

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