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English-Hindi > haystack

haystack meaning in Hindi

haystack sentence in Hindi
1.Downright needle in a haystack, " meowed the dialogue.

2.The brushwork is a haystack of strokes headed every which way.

3.A comperdown elm droops and sequesters, seeming a green haystack.

4.What does it mean to find a needle in a haystack?

5.This will make finding a needle in a haystack look easy,

6.All this has not deterred investigators from plunging into the haystack.

7.You've heard about finding a needle in a haystack?

8.This job is worse than finding a needle in a haystack,

9.Bugs escapes rapid gunfire by running for cover into a haystack.

10.At one point, it was even concealed beneath a haystack.

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a stack of hay
Synonyms: hayrick, rick,

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