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English-Hindi > highfalutin

highfalutin meaning in Hindi

highfalutin sentence in Hindi
1.Streep adds an exaggerated highfalutin tone to her last two phrases.

2.All of these authors come with highfalutin credentials, of course.

3.That's a highfalutin thing for any filmmaker to say.

4.He saw himself as a craftsman, not a highfalutin artist.

5.But some of those highfalutin theories deserve a second look.

6.So Joanna Gleason is back as a highfalutin Washington lawyer.

7.From our point of view, this was a pretty highfalutin cafe,

8.But maybe French cooking is too highfalutin for what you have in mind.

9.It employs a highfalutin comparison to Franklin Delano Roosevelt to make its point.

10.Well, I think people think of me as this very highfalutin person,

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affectedly genteel
Synonyms: grandiose, hifalutin, highfaluting, hoity-toity, la-di-da,

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