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English-Hindi > hybridized

hybridized meaning in Hindi

hybridized sentence in Hindi
1.Coville provided the scientific expertise to propagate and hybridize the berries.

2.Conducting polymers have backbones of contiguous sp 2 hybridized carbon centers.

3.Most basal breeds have hybridized with other lineages in the past.

4.Like all citrus fruit, mandarins hybridize readily with other citrus.

5.The sweetbay magnolia has been hybridized M . tripetala ".

6.The Southern white-breasted hedgehog and European hedgehog can hybridize.

7.It will sometimes hybridize in the wild with the red junglefowl.

8.The plant can hybridize with common dandelion, causing genetic pollution.

9.Primers hybridize to the P1 adapter sequence within the library template.

10.It is a hybridize with " Neottia auriculata ".

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