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English-Hindi > hybridizer

hybridizer meaning in Hindi

hybridizer sentence in Hindi
1.Shortly thereafter, they visited the world-renowned hybridizer.

2.The country's leading hybridizer of new varieties.

3.As a bulb hybridizer, he's a hands-on writer.

4.An iris hybridizer, Peter, 80, said he agreed to help with the experiment.

5.Was a Japanese rose hybridizer and the director of the Keisei Rose Research Institute in Japan.

6.It was bred in 1886 by Anthony Waterer, an early hybridizer ( Paghat, 2008 ).

7.Miller, a hybridizer, was directed to develop a special rose new to the rose market.

8._Eleanor and Bill Lachman, 419 Pine St ., Amherst . ( Well-known hybridizer.

9."It's an interaction between the plant and the hybridizer, " he said.

10.At the time, anyone could propagate a new rose and sell it with no payment to the hybridizer.

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