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English-Hindi > innards

innards meaning in Hindi

innards sentence in Hindi
1.Rival manufacturers will also fight over the innards of the machines.

2.Next, take a look at the innards of the computer.

3.Luffa sponges are made from the fibrous innards of the fruit.

4.Elevators are built inside glass walls, exposing their mechanical innards.

5.The nerve endings in the testicles are connected to your innards.

6.I try not to know too much about the innards of airplanes.

7."The Twilight Zone " could set my innards spinning.

8.I waited while he poked at an ailing car's innards.

9.Do your giant stuffed teddy bears need their innards cleaned?

10.Cheaper fixtures are made of plastic innards and plated with thin metal.

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internal organs collectively (especially those in the abdominal cavity); "`viscera'' is the plural form of `viscus''"
Synonyms: viscera, entrails,

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