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English-Hindi > viscera

viscera meaning in Hindi

viscera sentence in Hindi
1.Is a food in Japanese cuisine made from various fermented viscera.

2.In the tomb were found remains of viscera wrapped in linen.

3.No damage was found in the mice's retinas or viscera.

4.A scent trail of pheasant viscera leads the cat to the pit.

5.The nerves that synapse in the prevertebral ganglia innervate the pelvic viscera.

6.If viscera is involved, the disease will be fatal.

7.KS can involve the oral cavity, lymph nodes, and viscera.

8.Garum sauce was produced by the process of maceration of fish viscera.

9.In addition to the graphic novel, Viscera is also a webcomic.

10.Hacked limbs and bloody viscera register so much better on the big screen.

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internal organs collectively (especially those in the abdominal cavity); "`viscera'' is the plural form of `viscus''"
Synonyms: entrails, innards,

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