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English-Hindi > intercessor

intercessor meaning in Hindi

intercessor sentence in Hindi
1.She is also a teacher, preacher, intercessor and author.

2.And inside, members are eager to pray as intercessors for others.

3.They were no longer needed as intercessors between the people and God.

4.In this context Mary acts as intercessor for the faithful.

5.:Wnt : the person whom I witnessed, acted as intercessor.

6.Raphael functioned " as though he were an angelic intercessor ."

7.If you are calling to become a Mighty Warrior Intercessor, press 0.

8.They can talk to missionaries or intercessors online.

9.There were always three intercessors to God so this is how the Shona prayed:

10.All of which led people to hold on to ancestral intercessors all the more.

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a negotiator who acts as a link between parties
Synonyms: mediator, go-between, intermediator, intermediary,

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