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interchain meaning in Hindi

interchain sentence in Hindi
1.Glutenin forms interconnected gluten networks within bread through interchain disulfide bonds.

2.Longer side chains lower the conductivity and hinder interchain hopping of charge carriers.

3.The encoded protein forms a tetrameric complex which is stabilized by interchain disulfide bonds.

4.Strong interchain interactions from hydrogen bonds between molecular nylon chains is said to be the cause by some sources.

5.A switch from intrachain salt bridges to interchain ionic associations may assist in IF assembly by utilizing electrostatic interactions to stabilize coiled-coil dimers.

6.An average solvent exposure for all disulfide bonds is 9.9 %, and 16.7 % for 1, 209 interchain disulfide bonds.

7.The metallic character of selenium is further shown by its lustre, and its crystalline structure, which is thought to include weakly " metallic " interchain bonding.

8.Finally, because the A and B chains are physiologically inactive without the three linking disulfide bonds ( two interchain, one intrachain on A ), Sanger and coworkers determined their assignments in 1955.

9.The interchain disulfide bonds of resistin and resistin-like molecule ? ( RELM?) are novel in that they are highly solvent when exposed, ranging from 84.6 % to 89.5 %.

10.Another important PTM is the formation of an interchain disulfide bond in the amino acid cysteine in position 206, which may take place in peroxisomes, as the cytosolic and mitochondrial environments are too reducing for this process.

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