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English-Hindi > intermediator

intermediator meaning in Hindi

intermediator sentence in Hindi
1."We don't have other evidence, but we believe that the information provided by the intermediator is correct,"

2.Federal officials, camping in Srinagar to oversee the hostage issue, said they have asked the intermediator to get evidence from Al-Faran to show that the hostages are safe.

3.Russian intermediators delivered the Iraqi message to Israel on Monday, Israel radio said, adding that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein stressed in the message that he had neither the ability nor intention to attack Israel.

4.Since the 1830s, barter in some western market economies has been aided by exchanges that use alternative currencies based on the labour theory of value, and are designed to prevent profit taking by intermediators.

5.The " shtadlan " emerged to prominence in 17th century Europe, with the rise of absolutism, as an intermediator between the resident Jewish community and the monarchical government in control of the region.

6.Since the negotiating process ground to a halt, the Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, has refused to have any dealings with the Israeli government except through American intermediators or with Americans present, charging that he cannot trust Netanyahu.

7.An International Red Cross spokesperson said the Minnig, who is Swiss, was acting as a " neutral intermediator and official mediator, " but could only relay positions between the two sides and was not offering proposals.

a negotiator who acts as a link between parties
Synonyms: mediator, go-between, intermediary, intercessor,

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