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English-Hindi > inveighs

inveighs meaning in Hindi

inveighs sentence in Hindi
• आक्रमण करना
• धावा करना
• घोर निन्दा करना
• चढ़ाई करना
• हमला करना
• झिड़क कर बोलना
• गाली देना
1.Mr. Mayfield's political profile fits that of many disaffected, America-hating terrorists: he strongly opposes the Patriot Act, inveighs against American foreign policy related to Muslim countries, and is “particularly angered,” according to his brother Kent, by close U.S. relations with Israel. Mr. Mayfield speculates that the Bush administration knew in advance about 9/11 but chose to let the attacks go ahead so as to justify going to war. And on his release from custody, he compared the U.S. federal government to Nazi Germany.
अमेरिका में हिंसा में प्रवृत्त इस्लामवादियों की भाँति (माहेर हवाश, मोहम्मद अली अलायेद, जकारियस मुसायवी और लैकावाना सिक) मेफील्ड नाममात्र मुसलमान से अपने धार्मिक सिद्धान्तों के प्रति दृढ़ होता गया.

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