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ixion sentence in Hindi

"ixion" meaning in Hindi
  • It is named after Ixion, a figure from Greek mythology.
  • Ixion was expelled from Olympus and blasted with a thunderbolt.
  • Lear's remark is a reference to the fate of Ixion.
  • Ixion failed in restraining his lust for Hera, thus fathering the Centaurs.
  • In the near-infrared the spectrum of Ixion is flat and featureless.
  • Zeus found Ixion sleeping in a field and created a cloud figure of Hera.
  • Zeus laid the figure, who was later named Nephele, next to Ixion.
  • Zeus ordered Hermes to bind Ixion to a winged fiery wheel that was always spinning.
  • More recent estimates suggest that Ixion has a high albedo and is smaller than Ceres.
  • Ixion is moderately red ( slightly redder than 50000 Quaoar ) in the visible light.
  • Here is where Ixion saw Hera, Zeus'wife and queen of the gods.
  • The Ixion is immediately available in the selection screen on some machines via software settings.
  • He married Perimele, and they became parents of the legendary demi-god Ixion.
  • For " Ixion " this brought him a total of around ?, 000.
  • The Charged Laser special consists of the Ixion generating four energy spheres each firing powerful laser beams.
  • The Ixion can participate in the Hybrid Attack with the seven standard aircraft and the Hell Diver.
  • On the left, it shows Ixion and the fake Jupiter to avenge himself on the seducer.
  • He was in disbelief that Ixion would betray him and his sincere kindness so he set a trap.
  • After the Slave and Judge Spear, the Ixion is the highest-tier plane in the game.
  • The importance of marking long vowels for Greek words can be illustrated with Ixion, from Greek 8????.
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