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English-Hindi > ixion

ixion meaning in Hindi

ixion sentence in Hindi
1.It is named after Ixion, a figure from Greek mythology.

2.Ixion was expelled from Olympus and blasted with a thunderbolt.

3.Lear's remark is a reference to the fate of Ixion.

4.Ixion failed in restraining his lust for Hera, thus fathering the Centaurs.

5.In the near-infrared the spectrum of Ixion is flat and featureless.

6.Zeus found Ixion sleeping in a field and created a cloud figure of Hera.

7.Zeus laid the figure, who was later named Nephele, next to Ixion.

8.Zeus ordered Hermes to bind Ixion to a winged fiery wheel that was always spinning.

9.More recent estimates suggest that Ixion has a high albedo and is smaller than Ceres.

10.Ixion is moderately red ( slightly redder than 50000 Quaoar ) in the visible light.

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