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English-Hindi > jabbering

jabbering meaning in Hindi

jabbering sentence in Hindi
1.I switched channels only to hear another jock jabbering about respect.

2.He begins jabbering that he has been sleeping inside the tomb.

3.He begins jabbering away with the garrulity of the guilty.

4.He's not jabbering like other kids his age.

5.I started jabbering about golf to people who didn't care.

6.He stalked opponents with lightning-quick hands and a jabbering mouth.

7.But Connecticut was somewhat surprised by Rutgers'constant jabbering.

8.The other is jabbering about her bad haircut and quietly collecting evidence.

9.Byars said he and New England tackle Bruce Armstrong did some jabbering.

10.They started jabbering at each another in the final seconds.

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