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jacketing sentence in Hindi

"jacketing" meaning in Hindijacketing in a sentence
  • He was also subjected to COINTELPRO's bad-jacketing technique.
  • Intrusive and unrealistic conditions on aid are still straight-jacketing developing countries.
  • If adhesion is not desired / necessary, jacketing tooling is used instead.
  • The original jacketing was found to be detrimental to firearm performance over time.
  • The jacketing almost certainly contains asbestos, and to remove that will be expensive.
  • The Lubaloy-Palma ammunition jacketing was a breakthrough solution to this persistent dilemma.
  • Lubaloy replaced standard bullet jacketing which had been cupro-nickel coated steel or solid cupro-nickel.
  • In jacketing tooling, the polymer melt does not touch the inner wire until immediately before the die lips.
  • By January, the locomotive's jacketing had been installed and painted, and its headlight was restored.
  • This type of die is typically used to coat very thin wires with polymer jacketing that is highly viscous.
  • To save such horizontal space the engines were long in stroke and had no water-jacketing between cylinder bores.
  • In 1922, the Western Cartridge Company introduced a copper-washed bullet jacketing called Lubaloy which stands for lubricating alloy.
  • This type of die results in more intimate contact between the outer coating and the bare wire than the jacketing die.
  • There are two different types of die tooling used for coating over a wire, tubing ( or jacketing ) and pressure.
  • Models are built to include many features such as vacuum and jacketing to remove air and to control the temperature of the mixture.
  • Optional " Lifejacket Float " flotation jacketing can be added to some models to prevent the equipment from sinking if dropped into water.
  • The projects on # 28 that needed to be completed included boiler flue installation, insulation & jacketing, as well as repainting.
  • At one point a proposal was on the table to protect the uranium in a reactor from corrosion by jacketing it with copper.
  • Lumps of the hot jacketing were deposited near the end of the barrel during firing, eventually creating a hazard or destroying the barrel.
  • Since the Mark II jacket did not cover the base of the round this could potentially lead to the jacketing being left in the barrel.
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