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jadeite sentence in Hindi

"jadeite" meaning in Hindi
  • They're afraid the Chinese jadeite is fake ."
  • Jadeite was always very expensive; it was a precious material,
  • The putti were set on a jadeite base, now lost.
  • Rocks that consist almost entirely of jadeite are called jadeitite.
  • The second is jadeite, a pyroxene rich in sodium and aluminum.
  • This valuable type of jadeite contains a translucent rich-green color.
  • His name is alternately translated as " Jadeite Hearts ".
  • Lo said that the carved glass cups were made to imitate carved jadeite.
  • Pyroxenes rich in both the jadeite and augite endmembers are known as omphacite.
  • In the first anime adaptation, hunting energy is Jadeite's primary mission.
  • Jadeite is formed in metamorphic rocks under high pressure and relatively low temperature conditions.
  • In particular, jadeite is a stock luxury item auctioned at Tian Cheng International.
  • Imports include jadeite, timber and cosmetics.
  • This is a competent vein of jadeite.
  • The " Meat-shaped Stone " is often exhibited together with the Jadeite Cabbage.
  • The tomb contained rich offerings of jadeite, ceramics, shell and works of art.
  • Hematite, Hiddenite, and Kalunite looked identical to Zoisite, Nephrite and Jadeite respectively.
  • The Maya were known to use the green form of the jadeite for their carvings.
  • It was made of the green jade-jadeite from the Yunan province, China.
  • Jadeite and nephrite ( mineral forms of jade are examples of minerals with this property ).
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