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jaded sentence in Hindi

"jaded" meaning in Hindi
  • Many of the undecided voters seemed to be just plain jaded.
  • Ryan also said people told him the " jaded"
  • Speculation over a possible expansion baseball franchise brings mostly jaded responses.
  • The violence isn't jaded; it's deadpan.
  • Even shearling jackets were dyed sky blue, chartreuse and jade.
  • Fans who today are open-minded will be jaded tomorrow.
  • The other is a cigar box of pre-Columbian jade.
  • Keys residents aren't jaded about their most famous landmark.
  • Jade's father ( Stephen Chang ) is more problematical.
  • White background with dark raspberry, clear jade and black accents.
  • What tomb show would be complete without a jade burial suit?
  • A visit to a jade carving factory had been arranged instead.
  • So, in a sense, I'm already jaded.
  • We picked red tiger eye, jade, amethyst and turquoise.
  • In the Minho, the cabbages are jade green and monstrous.
  • Because we, the jaded, degraded public, let him.
  • Wilhoit, 13, is indifferent, jaded, the wisecracker.
  • This naif appeal is exactly what the jaded mainstream is after.
  • I'll bet you'd get a little jaded.
  • Around the country, people laugh at us for our jade.
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