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jaggedly sentence in Hindi

"jaggedly" meaning in Hindi  
  • Q : Why do newspapers tear so cleanly vertically, but so jaggedly horizontally?
  • This stone wall, jaggedly cleft in the center, showed the sky beyond.
  • The wrong-note counterpoint in his chamber music is by turns jaggedly witty and hauntingly spiritual.
  • A broad boulevard, sliced through the camp, had been jaggedly paved with the remnants of smashed buildings.
  • But it's not as jaggedly hip as " Pulp Fiction, " nor as exciting to watch.
  • The front door had an ugly gash from the battering ram, and a bedroom door was torn jaggedly in half.
  • It is, although Long's jaggedly humorous ditties likely will make you exit the theater snickering rather than humming along.
  • Lara Flynn Boyle's jaggedly successful writer, Helen, is so famished for emotional authenticity that she toys with an obscene phone caller.
  • Jawad, a tall, skinny boy with jaggedly cropped hair, said in an interview in the ruins of what had been his home.
  • The city itself is a presence, a backdrop for the patchwork of stories based on true accounts and jaggedly filmed in sharp, punchy, high-energy style.
  • India and Pakistan have fought two wars over Kashmir, the result of which is a cease-fire line that runs jaggedly through the western part of the region.
  • And if the jaggedly constructed private-federal system didn't work, as seems highly likely, he would be blamed for putting American lives in needless jeopardy.
  • On the other hand, though Tom's deranged and oddly beautiful mind is distinctively portrayed, his dealings with his family and the village can come jaggedly close to melodrama.
  • It is still visible in the local graveyard, and consists of a pillar, jaggedly shorn at the top : this " headless " tomb was expanded into the headless horseman tale.
  • The stage picture created toward the end is just as beautiful as dancers manipulate six hand-held white spotlights to create soaring shafts of light and a jaggedly enclosed space at center stage.
  • Across a vast landscape of need-from those supported by dishwashers and bond traders, firefighters and security guards-the flow of death benefits for survivors, so far, looks jaggedly uneven.
  • Across a vast landscape of need _ from those supported by dishwashers and bond traders, firefighters and security guards _ the flow of death benefits for survivors, so far, looks jaggedly uneven.
  • Next up, " 8 x radio " ( " Ocho por radio " ) bends mariachi trumpets and mestizo folk-tune fragments into a jaggedly sardonic four-minute chamber work.
  • While his countrymen stoked their barbecue pits and marched their sons off to Vietnam, Kienholz took to his Laurel Canyon studio and toted up the butcher's bill in a series of scathing, jaggedly comic visions.
  • It reaches from a jaggedly explosive anthem to vinyl ( " Spin the Black Circle " ) to late-night jam session weirdness ( " Hey, Foxymophandlemama, That's Me " ).
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