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jaggeries sentence in Hindi

"jaggeries" meaning in Hindi
  • Jaggery is molded into novel shapes as a type of candy.
  • Sugarcane is cultivated in the area from which jaggery is extracted.
  • Anarsas are made from soaked powdered rice, jaggery or sugar.
  • In Tamil Nadu, jaggery used exclusively as the sweetener.
  • All over India, jaggery has religious significance to Hindus.
  • Jaggery can sometimes be used as an alternative to sugar.
  • When eaten, these shells are poured into sugar or jaggery syrup.
  • It serves the traffic needs of many sugar factories and jaggery manufacturers.
  • These powders are then combined with cardamom and jaggery syrup.
  • Sweet delicacies were made from jaggery ( unrefined sugar ).
  • They use a wide variety of vegetables, spices, coconut and jaggery.
  • Chickpeas and jaggery are grounded and stuffed into wheat flour and then cooked.
  • Mandya in Karnataka is known for its jaggery production.
  • Many of the festivals involve the offering of jaggery to deities during worship.
  • It is also traditional to consume khichdi and jaggery.
  • It is made of sesame and jaggery specially manufactured in the winter season.
  • Another version of this kheer, called Rasiya, is made with jaggery.
  • Jaggery is used instead of sugar in the process.
  • Rice, jaggery and coconut were the major exports.
  • People either sell this sugarcane to sugar mills or produce Jaggery from sugarcane.
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