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jail superintendent sentence in Hindi

"jail superintendent" meaning in Hindijail superintendent in a sentence
  • Jail superintendent Edward W . Szostak said Kiendra is accepting only clear liquids.
  • Jail superintendent Lewis Barlow declined to be interviewed, citing the ongoing lawsuit.
  • Hashim said the new jail superintendent has been asked to step up security.
  • The jail superintendent gave him a pen and paper.
  • Karim did not accompany the prisoners, but assisted Jail Superintendent Golden Jubilee.
  • Soon after the incident, authorities dismissed the jail superintendent and nine other prison workers.
  • After fasting for twenty days, the Jail Superintendent apologised and he gave up the fast.
  • "They called Bhoi to the jail superintendent's office and demonstrated him before Marandi,"
  • He spends his day writing letters and reading ones sent from his family and friends, said jail superintendent Glenn Libby.
  • However, the manual also gave the jail superintendent the power to allow any of these prohibited items in special cases.
  • As a result of that incident the Pakistani authorities dismissed the jail superintendent and nine other prison workers on allegations of negligence.
  • Jail Superintendent James O'Mara said he had heard no specifics about the investigation and had no idea who was under scrutiny.
  • Correctional Services, under the supervision of the Jail Superintendent, is responsible for the safe & secure operation of the Orleans County Jail.
  • In this county, rather than an undersheriff, it is managed by a " jail superintendent " with 27 other employees and managers.
  • That is necessary should a person's relatives finally claim him, something acting jail superintendent Willie Arnold says has happened twice in the last 10 years.
  • This origin, for some, gives the phrase a derisive stain : Westmont Cemetery got its name because a jail superintendent's wife hated the Biblical appellation.
  • One of his first ministerial decisions was to grant jail superintendents the right to institute complete smoking bans, impose random drug tests, and monitor prisoners'calls.
  • Another 91 prisoners were trapped in their cells by collapsing walls in the 64, 580-square-foot complex, said jail superintendent P . M . Patel.
  • He was appointed Chief Medical Officer, Sanitary Commissioner and Jail Superintendent of Sachin State in 1919 . Sachin state belonged to the Government of His Highness the Maharaja of Baroda.
  • The men were hanged in Kot Lakhpat Jail in the Punjab provincial capital of Lahore after Pakistan's president denied their appeal for clemency, said Mohammed Farooq, jail superintendent.
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